Taeyeon gives a vague explanation for dating rumors with junior idols, “As long as my fans are okay with that…”

Singer Taeyeon refused to explain the funny dating rumors with several juniors, including VIVIZ SinB.

During an online fansigning event on March 30th, fans poured out questions about the recent rumors of romantic relationships between Taeyeon and other idols. 

Taeyeon showed an attitude as if she didn’t care much about the dating rumors. When asked, “Do you know about your dating rumors SinB?”, Taeyeon said, “I know, but I won’t explain anything”.


Regarding the fact that WJSN Seola recently announced, “I want to have a dating rumor with Taeyeon sunbaenim”, Taeyeon said, “I’m okay as long as fans are okay with that. But fans often hate dating rumors, right?”.

Taeyeon was recently involved in some ‘hilarious’ dating rumors with a large number of her juniors after she was announced as the MC of Mnet’s “Queendom 2”. In particular, SinB posted on her SNS photos of her phone case and dress that look similar to Taeyeon‘s. Therefore, fans believed those were hints of a close relationship.


SinB once uploaded a photo of raindrops on her SNS and said, “I hate rain, but I like the sound of rain”. 10 minutes later, Taeyeon posted a similar photo with the caption “I understand how you feel”, adding credibility to the dating rumors.

It seems like the dating rumors surrounding Taeyeon were raised due to the juniors’ enthusiastic admiration for her. Through the private messenger app “Bubble”, WJSN Luda said, “People are saying that I can get closer to Taeyeon sunbaenim while participating in ‘Queendom’, but I think it’s impossible”, adding, “About 20 people at the show are aiming for Taeyeon sunbaenim right now”. 


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