What BLACKPINK looked like pre-debut vs. now: Who has changed the most?

Before becoming the stylish idol group they are today, BLACKPINK used to have a different image. 

BLACKPINK has gone over 500 days without a comeback. Although Jennie herself has confirmed the girls are preparing to release new music, the official comeback date remains a mystery. While waiting for YG Entertainment to finally announce BLACKPINK’s return, let’s do a little throwback and take a look at a group photo of BLACKPINK in their pre-debut days to see how much they have changed over the years. 

In this pre-debut photo, BLACKPINK members are all in their teenage years. They look very cute and playful. Compared to now, Jennie and Jisoo looked almost the same, while maknae-line Lisa and Rosé have changed more. 

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