Son Ye Jin, Gong Hyo Jin, and Oh Yoon Ah? Uhm Ji Won discusses her “Goddess Gathering”

Uhm Ji Won revealed that she takes the lead in paying the bill when meeting up with Son Ye Jin, Gong Hyo Jin, and Oh Yoon Ah.

On August 15th, actress Uhm Ji Won and Ra Mi Ran appeared as guests on the YouTube channel “TEO TEO” for the web content “Salon Drip 2”.

During the episode, Uhm Ji Won mentioned that her gathering with Son Ye Jin, Gong Hyo Jin, and Oh Yoon Ah is called the “Goddess Gathering”, and explained, “Fans came up with the name. Ye Jin and I are from the same hometown, and I naturally became close with Hyo Jin and Yoon Ah because we worked on projects together. Many photos of us together have been exposed.”

uhm ji won

When Jang Do Yeon, the MC, asked if they split the bill when they go out together, Uhm Ji Won replied, “It seems like whoever is quicker with their hands pays on that day.” 

According to Uhm Ji Won, she even gave her card to the cashier in advance during one of this “Goddess Gathering”, and never mind what menu items her friends ended up ordering. 

The actress further explained that she would tell the cashier something like, “I’ll leave this (card) with you and use it to pay”, leaving Jang Do Yeon and Ra Mi Ran amazed.

Hearing this, Ra Mi Ran shared a similar experience she had when hanging out with actress Kim Sook. According to Ra Mi Ran, Kim Sook usually takes care of the bill whenever they go out, and while it is nice to be treated, Ra Mi Ran would ask to pay sometimes, only to find that her fellow actress was faster.  

In particular, when she asked Kim Sook when she could pay, Kim Sook answered, “You have to do it as soon as you enter the establishment.”

Source: Naver

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