Female Kpop idols whose physiques are perfect even after they remove their hip pads

These Kpop idols wear hip pads despite already having perfect bodies. 

Kpop idols are often well known for having the most beautiful figures and appearances. Of course, many of them use hip pads to accentuate their physiques, but even without those, they still look absolutely stunning.

K-pop female idols
Female Kpop idols who are still praised for their physiques without hip pads

Yuna (ITZY)

Recently, there have been viral topics on Korean forums, where netizens pointed out that ITZY Yuna uses hip pads to widen her hips and make her waist seem smaller. However, many contended that Yuna’s figure is still ideal even without this shapewear, thanks to her gorgeous waist line. Her long and slim legs are also showered in praise. 

Netizens pointed out that ITZY Yuna use hip pads
Many find this to be controversial 
Yuna started using shape wear since her debut
However, the female idol’s figure is still ideal even without hip pads 
Yuna’s long legs and small waist line is the dream of many people

Wonyoung (IVE)

Ever since her appearance in survival show “Produce 101”, Wonyoung has drawn attention for her surreal body and height. However, the female idol is still accused of using shape wear to get wider hips, even though she looks perfect without them. 

Jang Won-young
Wonyoung was said to use hip pads to accentuate her figure
Jang Won-young
The female idol boasts an outstanding body proportion
Jang Won-young
Even without hip pads, Wonyoung’s figure is still undeniably perfect 


When it comes to Jennie, netizens immediately think of a female idol with a perfectly straight shoulder, tiny waist, and no belly fat. Many people suspected Jennie of wearing hip pads, but this doesn’t change the fact that the female idol looks perfect no matter what. 

Many people suspected Jennie of using hip pads 
The “obvious” use of hip pads, according to netizens
Jennie BLACKPINK Paris Fashion Week 2022
Jennie is sexy even without shape wear 
The female idol’s tiny waist is simply admirable

Nayeon (TWICE)

In the teaser of TWICE’s official MV “Heart Shaker”, Nayeon adorned skinny jeans during the choreography shot. However, an odd bulge on the side led to netizens suspecting that Nayeon was wearing hip pads. Whether this is true or not, Nayeon’s physique is still something people aspire to achieve. 

TWICE Nayeon
Nayeon was said to have used hip pads
TWICE Nayeon
However, many find the female idol outstanding no matter what

Joy (Red Velvet)

Once receiving netizens’ ire for her use of shapewear, Joy proves to have an enviable body shape that can stand out no matter what. In fact, Dispatch once listed the Red Velvet member as one female celebrity with the best physique, citing her outstanding height and sexy appeal while wearing bodycon dresses. 

Red Velvet Joy
Netizens suspected Joy of using hip pads 
Red Velvet Joy
The female idol is well known for being a top Kpop visual
Red Velvet Joy
Joy’s body never fail to draw praise from fans and the public alike 

Seolhyun (AOA)

Even Seolhyun, a staple name when it comes to Kpop idols with the best body figures, was once scrutinized for using hip pads. Still, her tiny waist, gorgeous body line, and long slim legs make the female idol a “body icon”, and even now, netizens mention Seolhyun whenever topics about the best physiques arise. 

Seolhyun was once mocked for using hip pads
The female idol is a staple name when it comes to Kpop idols with the best physiques

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