Lisa (BLACKPINK) is praised for being a good ambassador for Vivo despite she was spotted using an iPhone

Are you curious what iPhone model Lisa (BLACKPINK) is currently using?

BLACKPINK used to be brand ambassador for Samsung, a Korean electronics company. With their large fan bases, BLACKPINK members can always guarantee to help the products they represent increase sales.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone

However, while being Samsung’s endorsers, the girls constantly revealed hints of using iPhones, causing netizens to tease them. Currently, BLACKPINK’s contract with Samsung has ended, so the girls are no longer hesitant to take mirror selfies with their iPhones. But Lisa is the only exception.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone
Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone
Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone
3 members Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie continuously show that they’re using iPhones

In fact, Lisa doesn’t even share any photos with her smartphone, because she is currently representing Vivo (a Chinese technology company). She has endorsed the company’s new product lines since around August 2020 until now.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone
… while Lisa doesn’t because she is an ambassador for Vivo

In particular, in some recently posted pictures on SNS, netizens have praised Lisa because even though she took photos while she was using an iPhone, she smartly gave the phone to the person who was with her.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone
Fans once spotted Lisa using an iPhone in a photo taken after a schedule

Recently, when Lisa’s choreographer – Cheshir Ha shared a photo with the female idol on her Instagram story, fans quickly noticed that the iPhone model Lisa was using was a Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro max, similar to Rosé and Jennie.

The mole on Lisa’s neck is unmistakable
Lisa (BLACKPINK) iPhone
The iPhone 12 is definitely not Cheshir Ha’s because she is using an iPhone 11 Pro Max

This is not the first time Vivo’s ambassador thoughtfully gave her iPhone to others, but fans also pointed this out in 2 previous photos uploaded by Rosé and Cheshir, who were both using an iPhone with a case with cat print.

Lisa is a cat lover, currently has 5 cats, so this iPhone with the cat case held by Rosé and Cheshir Ha is definitely Lisa’s 

Source: K14

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