The public rages at SBS security guard’s abuse of power towards Red Velvet Joy, “An apology is not enough”

Netizens and fans criticize SBS staff for their rude attitude towards Red Velvet member Joy.

A video showing Joy on her way to the recording of SBS’s program “Animal Farm” recently spread in online communities. 

While heading to the place where she held a photo time with reporters and communicated with fans, Joy unexpectedly faced an awkward situation. An SBS staff member suddenly shouted, “Back. Where are you going?”, “Ah, get out of the way”, “I told you to step back”, “Step back”, “Go back inside! Go back quickly!”, etc.

The video circulating online captured the entire embarrassing situation Joy experienced at that time. Upon hearing the SBS staff shout, Joy hesitated to move so looked around in confusion. As he shouted again and continued to tell her to step back, she slowly moved inside the building again with her staff. 

A fan who appeared at the scene made a post describing the situation, saying “It was the place where they often held photo time for ‘Animal Farm’. However, it seems like the staff did not recognize Joy so he shouted informally.” As such, fans and netizens got angry, pointing out that shouting at anyone like that was rude and could hurt others’ feelings.

Some commented, “Even if he did not know it was Joy, wasn’t it disrespectful and impolite to use informal language like that?”, “He’s so rude”, “Why did he get so annoyed?”, “He could have said it more politely”, etc.

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In particular, the seriousness of the issue was recognized as JTBC News covered it in their reports. According to JTBC, the rude staff was found to be an SBS security guard. In response to the demands for an apology from Joy’s global fans, SBS issued an official apology. It was said that the guard shouted to ensure safety since fans suddenly flocked to the scene.

Although the staff already apologized in person, the public and Joy’s fans are still showing discomfort. They urged SBS to promise that such “security guard’s abuse of power” would not occur not only to Joy but also to anyone in the future.

Many people are still pouring comments in the news video, expressing their unpleasant feelings. They commented, “The power abuse of SBS security guard is so serious”, “Apologize properly, SBS!”, “Even if he were SBS’s Chairman, he should never talk like that”, “Didn’t he realize how uncomfortable the other person would feel?”, “He should not speak informally to either celebrities or fans”, etc.

Joy previously went on a two-month hiatus due to health reasons and just returned to work as “Animal Farm” MC recently. Since Joy always gives positive energy to others with her unique bright and friendly charm, fans hope that she will not be hurt by such unexpected embarrassing situations.

Source: Naver

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