This former “K-pop Star 4” contestant suddenly announced her marriage on SNS… “We had a small gathering with close acquaintances”

Singer Lee Seol-ah, who used to compete on “K-pop Star 4”, recently delivered the news of her marriage.

Many couples in the entertainment industry have been publicly dating for a long time. Representative examples are singers Hyuna & Dawn, actors Ma Dong-seok & Ye Jung-hwa, and Girls’ Generation Sooyoung & actor Jung Kyung-ho.

Still, there are also celebrities who reported news of their marriage right away without revealing their lovers and romantic relationships. Actress Gong Hyo-jin & singer Kevin Oh, and actors Nam Goong-min & Jin Ah-reum recently held their grand weddings and received warm congratulations.

Among these stars, there is a singer who recently delivered the news of her sudden wedding through Instagram. 

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She is singer Lee Seol-ah, who made her name and face known to the public through SBS’s “K-pop Star Season 4”.

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On October 18th, Lee Seol-ah posted a picture taken with her husband on Instagram and announced her marriage. She said, “We held our wedding with the attendance of close acquaintances last weekend. We sincerely thank all of you who joined us and congratulated us from afar”.

lee seol ah

Lee Seol-ah also apologized for her small wedding hall and that she could not invite more guests.

Confessing that she used to think beautiful things didn’t fit her, Lee Seol-ah changed her mind after meeting her husband. 

lee seol ah

She said, “I will cherish this relationship that came like a gift to me and become a person who can share the world full of love that I learned with many people”, expressing her emotional and affectionate feelings.

No information about Lee Seol-ah’s husband has been revealed yet.

Meanwhile, Lee Seol-ah is a talented singer-songwriter who won the Golden Prize with the song “Crying” at the 24th Yoo Jae-ha Music Contest held in 2013.

Appearing on SBS’s “K-pop Star Season 4” in the following year, she released a song called “Life as a Mom” and became famous. Even after “K-pop Star” ended, she continued to carry out music activities and gained huge love from music fans.

lee seol ah

Lee Seol-ạ also drew attention with her new release “It’s Raining” in June. 

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