Kang Seung-yoon went into a mental breakdown due to an unexpected accident, Mino: “I told you I’d do it”

WINNER’s trip to Jeju Island will be revealed.

Naver NOW’s first original entertainment show “Real Now” (produced by SMC&C STUDIO, directed by Cho Hyun-jung), which will be released for the first time on April 14th, features special travel stories where the guests need to find the real one among the unreal by carrying out real-time missions. WINNER will be the first guest.


In the first and second episodes, WINNER is shown going on a trip to Jeju Island. A day before their trip, WINNER members pack their bags with excitement. Song Min-ho is drawing attention by showing off his “I know WINNER well,” and accurately matched the travel preparation and behavior patterns of other WINNER members.


Upon arriving in Jeju Island, Winner couldn’t hide their excitement after discovering the luxury car and luxury Jeju specialties prepared by the production team. However, WINNER soon had to carry out “real-time missions” everywhere throughout their trip to Jeju Island, and if they failed, their travel expenses would be deducted, changing their travel environment in the future.


The first “Real Time Mission” for the luxury car is to find the fake one out of five staff members. WINNER carefully sought out the fake staff by mobilizing all of their keen senses to defend the luxury car.

WINNER then faced an unexpected situation while traveling to Jeju Island. Kang Seung-yoon caused an unexpected accident. Song Min-ho, who witnessed the accident, shouted, “I told you I would do it,” and Kang Seung-yoon was shocked. Fans are curious about the identity of the accident that Kang Seung-yoon committed.


The “Real Now” – WINNER episode will be released every Thursday and Friday at 6 p.m. on the NOW. app from April 14th, and anyone can watch it for free. Afterward, a rerun of these episodes will be released every Saturday at 2 p.m. for those who missed the main broadcast. It will also be broadcast simultaneously on Thailand’s OTT platform “trueID.”

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