The place Park Bo-gum quietly visited right after getting discharged from the military?… An orphanage he has supported for 10 years

Actor Park Bo-gum, who is famous for his consistent volunteer work at orphanages before military enlistment, was recently seen doing good deeds again after his discharge.

On May 17th, Park Bo-gum’s official fancafe “Bo-gum Ministry (보검복지부)” made a post titled, “Review of item donation to share love on Children’s Day 2022”. Accordingly, Park Bo-gum visited the orphanage where he sponsored and has been seen doing volunteer work for a long time.

The place Park Bo-gum visited is Myeongjin Wild Flower Love Village. This is where Park Bo-gum, his fanclub “Bo-gum Ministry” and agency Blossom Entertainment have continuously sponsored and supported through volunteer works. The orphanage issued a letter to sincerely thank Park Bo-gum and his fanclub, saying, “Our relationship, which started with the first meeting in 2013, reaches the 10th year in 2022.”

Park Bo-gum

Revealing that Park Bo-gum personally visited and was in charge of every task, from arranging parcels to separating goods and disposing of garbage, the orphanage shared, “The items he sent us every year are very useful for the kids. Thank you for your unchanging love. This year, actor Park Bo-gum came to organize the items sent by fans from ‘Bo-gum Ministry’.” Accordingly, Park Bo-gum also spent time with the children in their dormitories and playroom. He made eye contact with the kids, communicated, and showed his affection for them through talks.

Park Bo-gum

Lastly, the orphanage said, “We would like to thank actor Park Bo-gum and ‘Bo-gum Ministry’ for having consistently spreading their good influence and quietly doing good deeds for the past 10 years. Whenever we express our gratitude to Park Bo-gum, he would say ‘It’s all thanks to my fans’. We want to thank all of you.”

Photos of Park Bo-gum doing volunteer work were also released on fancafe. In the released pictures, Park Bo-gum, who appeared in a white short-sleeve T-shirt and a black apron, was busy opening and organizing items and sorting boxes for recycling.

Park Bo-gum

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum has been quietly volunteering at this orphanage since 2013. He planned to meet the children before enlisting in the military in August last year, but couldn’t greet them face-to-face due to the spread of Covid-19. Eventually, Park Bo-gum sent a handwritten letter and cakes to the children and then joined the army. 

Source: Nate

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