The most iconic collaborations between Kpop idols from the same company 

Alongside new releases from their own idols, Kpop fans are also super fond of collaborations with other artists. 

Wherever idols from the same company gather for a collaboration, fans of them always get excited, for these will provide a feast of talents and visuals, as well as beautiful music. Below are some iconic collaborations that prove this sentiment. 


BLACKPINK Lisa – WINNER Seunghoon – iKON DK 

As Lisa, Seunghoon, and DK are all main dancers of their groups, these three YG artists once performed together in a dance video published on the YouTube channel X ACADEMY. The video, which was nicely edited, beautifully choreographed, with eye-catching styling, quickly earned massive support from fans, who rejoiced at the trio’s close interactions and overflowing swag. 

Lisa Seunghoon DK
The choreography video with BLACKPINK Lisa, WINNER Seunghoon, and iKON DK was posted on X ACADEMY. 
Lisa Seunghoon DK
Despite being from different groups, the trio interacted like close friends. 

BIGBANG G-Dragon – 2NE1 CL 

These two legendary leaders of Kpop were the talk of town when they performed together at G-Dragon’s solo concert. In particular, they brought to show duets for the song “R.O.D” and “Leaders”, and radiated an alluring and powerful aura that cannot be rivaled. 

G-Dragon CL
BIGBANG G-Dragon and 2NE1 CL showed skinship without hesitation. 
G-Dragon CL
Stans of YG artists dearly wished for a future reunion of this combination. 

EXO Kai – aespa Karina 

The collaboration of EXO Kai and aespa Karina took fans by complete surprise when it happened. The duo danced together all sweetly and made close contact in a commercial film, and delivered an outstanding choreography performance. However, this collab was once considered controversial by netizens, who claimed that SM Entertainment is favoring Karina way too much compared to other aespa members. 

Kai Karina
EXO Kai and aespa Karina blew fans away when they first appeared together. 
Kai Karina
The duo made super close contact in their performances. 

SuperM (SHINee, EXO, NCT) 

SuperM is probably among the most iconic combinations of Kpop, seeing that the group brought together SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, as well as NCT’s Taeyong, Mark, and Ten. Filled with talents and popularity, SuperM was a group to be looked out for. 

Project group SuperM consists of 7 members from 3 SM boy groups.  
With SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai and Baekhyun, as well as NCT’s Taeyong, Mark, this is a combination for the history book. 

GOT (BoA, SNSD, Red Velvet, aespa) 

Late 2021 witnessed the birth of the SM project “Girls On Top” (GOT), which is a girl group that combines SM’s 4 generations of Kpop, including the 1st generation soloist BoA, the 2nd generation girl group SNSD (Taeyeon and Hyoyeon), the 3rd generation artist Red Velvet (Seulgi and Wendy), and finally, the new 4th generation group aespa (Karina and Winter). Not befalling expectations, GOT’s performance was satisfying in all aspects, with an explosive choreography, powerful vocals, and outstanding stage presence. Despite their short promotion period, the group also earned some remarkable achievements. 

Got The Beat
Girls On Top combines all 4 generations of SM Entertainment. 
Got The Beat
The group’s performance was simply out of this world and perfect in all aspects. 

Trouble Maker (Hyuna, Hyunseung) 

Sealing the list is the sexy duo Trouble Maker of Cube Entertainment, who once made headlines for their daring songs and choreographies. Consisting of the sexy queen Hyuna and former BEA2T member Hyunseung, the duo’s songs and performances can heat up every stage, and the catchy melody of their legendary ep “Trouble Maker” has seared itself in the minds of numerous Kpop fans. 

Trouble Maker
Stages the duo Trouble Maker never failed to attract attention with overwhelming boldness and iconic choreography points. 
Trouble Maker
Even now, the melody and dance of the song “Trouble Maker” is considered a legend of Kpop. 

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