The late Lee Ji Han’s birthday after Itaewon disaster “Tears cover my face and the pain comes rushing in”

Late actor Lee Ji Han’s mother expressed her desperate longing for her son.

On August 3rd, the mother wrote through the late Lee Ji Han’s channel, “Ji Han, it’s your mom. Today is August 3rd, 2023. It’s the day you were born.

She continued, “Actually, I was afraid of this day coming. I was so afraid that if it had to come, I desperately hoped that it’d come as late as possible. It’s a day I can’t be happy anymore, so I hoped it wouldn’t come. Ji Han, I’m crying a lot right now. Tears cover my face and the pain comes rushing in.”

Lee Ji-han

She confessed, “I still can’t believe you’re not here. I want to smell your body, so your dad wears your socks and shoes. I carry the bag that you gave me as a gift on my birthday last year. We’re going crazy because there’s nothing else we can do.”

She expressed her sorrow, “You worked so hard to achieve your dream of becoming an actor. I remember you staying up all night practicing the script while not eating well for fear of gaining weight. I cry. It’s sad. So sad.

The mother shared, “Ji Han. There are so many people who remember your birthday. There are people who upload songs through SNS at midnight to celebrate your birthday. Are you watching, Ji Han? Son, I still feel that the world is very warm.”

Lee Ji-han

Finally, the mother added, “My son Ji Han. I have no regrets about this world. To go by your side quickly is my last wish in life. If there’s one more wish, it is to go back to October 28th last year. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly give you my life, son. Ji Han, I’ll come to you quickly. I miss you so much. I won’t let you wait too long. I miss you, Ji Han.

Actor Lee Ji Han passed away at the age of 25 in a stampede that took place in Itaewon, Seoul on October 29th last year. The agency 935 Entertainment mourned, “Actor Lee Ji Han has left us and become a star in the sky. We would like to express our deep sympathy to the bereaved family, who are deeply saddened by this sudden heartbreaking news, and all the people who also love and cherish Lee Ji Han and mourn him.”

Above all, the deceased was filming MBC’s drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity” at that time, adding sadness. The production team of “Kokdu: Season of Deity”, which ended in March this year, paid tribute to the late Lee Ji Han, “The actors and staff of ‘Kokdu: Season of Deity’ remember actor Lee Ji Han.”

Meanwhile, the late Lee Ji Han (born in 1998) made his face known by appearing on Mnet’s “Produce 101” season 2, which aired in 2017. He appeared in the web drama “Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day”.

Source: Nate

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