The Korean newspaper analyzed the reason why Big Hit was determined to cooperate with YG: ‘They can choose JYP or SM but it is not appropriate’

Why did Big Hit choose to cooperate with YG?

At the end of January 2021, the Kpop music industry was shocked to hear that Big Hit and YG decided to collaborate in business.  Accordingly, the two companies are expecting to develop together in different areas such as platform application, distribution, and other content.

Through this partnership, YG will expand the global reach and artist’s influence through Big Hit’s platform Weverse.  On the other hand, Big Hit has also invested 70 billion won in YG PLUS, a sub-label of YG specializing in content creation and distribution of goods.

Big Hit was determined to cooperate with YG

Perhaps until today, many people still find this cooperation extremely unbelievable.  YG Entertainment and Big Hit Entertainment are considered two rival companies.  Currently, both companies also have 2 groups that are also competing for global influence and achievements, BTS and BLACKPINK.  However, why are they still deciding to ‘be in the same boat’, and why is Big Hit investing in YG instead of other Big 3 companies like SM or JYP?

Recently, a Korean newspaper page has had an article analyzing the reasons that might lead to this special decision of Big Hit.  They pointed out that through Big Hit’s selection of YG, they can speculate on the direction of the company in developing their artists in the international arena.  The article points out the characteristics of the 3 Big 3 companies, JYP, YG, and SM, saying that these 3 companies have very different styles and directions for content creation.


JYP is very good at making versatile products.  Among the 3 Big 3 companies, JYP is the company with the highest ability to create a successful K-pop idol group, but the ‘longevity’ of these groups’ popularity usually does not last long.

Big Hit was determined to cooperate with YG

On the contrary, YG is very good at creating artists with a ‘cool’ image and vibe.  YG always attaches great importance to quality over quantity.  Compared to JYP, YG’s ability to reach success is a bit slower but once they achieve that success it will last forever.



SM is described as a solid block with innovative systems and methods in finding talent and producing music.  They don’t depend on a certain producer.  Basically, SM’s music is more about performance than individual personality.

Big Hit was determined to cooperate with YG

However, this is not the same as Big Hit’s ideal of music and artist training.  Big Hit President Bang Shi Hyuk shared, ‘Showing an artist’s personality is the most important thing in music.’  With this mindset, out of the 3 companies, only YG is the best in shaping and building a unique vibe for their artists, both in terms of ability and dignity.


These analyzes are not intended to downplay the value of SM or JYP, but simply that Big Hit has the same mindset with YG.  This site emphasizes that Big Hit’s choice is not ‘right or wrong’ but about the  ‘difference and unique’ – a direction in line with today’s trends.

Big Hit was determined to cooperate with YG

In other words, this is a strategy aimed at securing the music industry’s ecosystem in the digital age.  Big Hit – a company that has strengths in the music ecosystem and YG – a company that can build artists’ personalities, can coexist and develop together in the future.

Sources: tinnhac

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