“The Good Bad Mother” releases main posters, Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun’s journey to find happiness

Actors Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun will present a warm and healing atmosphere in their upcoming comedy series.

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Good Bad Mother” (directed by Shim Na Yeon, written by Bae Se Young) released three main posters on March 24th. The posters featured the main characters, played by Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun.

the bad the good mother

Through the posters, Lee Do Hyun aroused curiosity by boasting contrasting expressions. In one, the actor showed a cold and cynical vibe, whilst in another, his pure and bright smile was in clear display, making audiences wonder about the reason behind such a change.

On the other hand, Ra Mi Ran shows a complex yet subtle transformation. The phrase “I’ll be a bad mother one more time” raised questions about her journey with Lee Do Hyun.

bad mom

“The Good Bad Mother” is a healing comedy series. It revolves around Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran), who has no choice but to become a bad mother to protect her son Kang Ho (Lee Do Hyun), who works as a prosecutor, but suddenly reverts into a child after an accident.

bad mom

Ra Mi Ran assumes the role of the mother Young Soon, who has lived a tenacious life to protect her child. Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun transforms into the son Kang Ho, who works as a prosecutor and has a cold-hearted personality. One day, however, he suffers from amnesia after an unexpected accident and his mind reverts to that of a child.

The production team said, “Please look forward to what will be the decisive event that changed Young Soon and Kang Ho’s life, as well as the passionate performance of Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun, who will capture the mother and son’s changes in detail.

They also added, “The special journey of the two, who will face the beginning of happiness at the end of misfortune, is expected to add touching emotions to pleasant laughter.

On the other hand, “The Good Bad Mother” will premiere at 10:30 p.m (KST) on April 26th.

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