Yeji recalled ITZY’s 1st world tour, “Touched beyond words by fans”

On a recent radio show, girl group ITZY mentioned their intense emotions during their 1st world tour. 

On the August 30th episode of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Eun Ji’s Gayo Plaza”, ITZY made an appearance as guests. 

On that day, the radio host, Lee Eun Ji. expressed her surprise, saying, “You’ve been on a world tour from August of last year until April of this year. That’s truly amazing. ITZY members must never have had a chance to really rest.”


Then, in response to a question by Lee Eun Ji, Yeji recalled ITZY’s 1st world tour, saying, “Since it was our first world tour, we had high expectations. And now that the COVID-19 era has passed, I thought about how much our fans have been waiting for us. When I saw with my own eyes, so many people were waiting for us, I felt so grateful.”


“I was really touched beyond words throughout the tour”, the female idol also added.

Source: Daum

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