Hyoyeon Reveals Thoughts On Idols Being Divided Into Generations, “I Don’t Like It, It Sounds Like A Gadget”

Girls’ Generation member Hyoyeon expressed her feelings about the K-pop system that divide idols into generations

On June 5th, the YouTube channel “Hyo’s Level Up” uploaded a new video titled, “Apink BoMi who doesn’t go home because she loves Girls’ Generation”. Apink’s Bomi appeared as a guest and spent time talking with Hyoyeon.

Hyoyeon said, “What’s really surprising is Bomi has been active for over 10 years now. Now, there are 4th and 5th generations, right? The first generation includes seniors like H.O.T, Sechskies, Fin.K.L, S.E.S and then it’s us”, adding “It’s kinda amazing to me too. We are next? Doesn’t that feel so old?”.


When Yoon Bo-mi asked, “Who started the 2nd generation, then?”, Hyoyeon replied, “TVXQ, Super Junior, BIGBANG”, adding “But why do they classify like that? It’s not like we’re Apple”,

When asked about her feelings upon finding out that she’s a 2nd generation idol, Hyoyeon confessed, “Dividing it like that feels a bit… I didn’t really like it. Being called 2nd generation doesn’t feel that good. It sounds like a gadget, right?”


Hyoyeon made her debut as a member of the group Girls’ Generation in 2007. On May 27th, she announced on her SNS account that she would start doing YouTube content in which she buys nice meals for juniors.

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