Will Red Velvet’s Joy join hands with Kim Hye-yoon? “Lead role casting for ‘The Year We Turned 29′”

Red Velvet's Joy is expected to appear in the drama "The Year We Turned 29"

According to Xportsnews on June 7th, Joy is positively considering appearing in the drama “The Year We Turned 29”, which is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name.

The original webtoon “The Year We Turned 29” is a youth romance that tells the story of three people, all named “Woo-ri”, who face difficulties in love, work and exams as they approach their thirties. Together, they endure their challenging lives and grow by relying on each other.

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The story features Bong Woo-ri, who prepares for art school exams late and works as a non-permanent designer at a small magazine after graduation; Cha Woo-ri, a prickly and cold flight attendant; and Kim Woo-ri, a diligent civil service exam taker. Joy is being considered for the role of Cha Woo-ri.

Joy, a member of girl group Red Velvet and an actress, is celebrating her 10th debut anniversary this year. She appeared in dramas such as “The Liar and His Lover” (2017), “Tempted”, “The One and Only” and “Once Upon a Small Town”, balancing both her singing and acting careers. She is expected to showcase new charms in “The Year We Turned 29”.

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The webtoon began serialization in March 2019 and has garnered a wide range of followers. The drama adaptation was initially planned for late 2020 but was delayed. Production is now being prepared again, with high anticipation for the drama, as evidenced by online fan-made casting.

In April 2022, it was reported that actress Kim Hye-yoon was being considered for the lead role in “The Year We Turned 29”. According to Xportsnews, Kim Hye-yoon, who gained significant popularity both domestically and internationally through tvN’s “Lovely Runner”, is still considering her participation in “The Year We Turned 29”. There is growing anticipation to see if Joy and Kim Hye-yoon will collaborate on this project.

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