This actor surprised everyone as he made a drastic transformation into a serial killer in “The Glory”

Lee Moo Saeng shocked viewers with his special appearance in “The Glory”, which is completely different from his image in previous works.

As Netflix’s original series “The Glory” is getting more popular, viewers are also paying attention to specific actors. Recently, they pointed out the shocking character transformation of actor Lee Moo Saeng, who appears in the drama as a psychopath killer.

Kang Yeong Cheon took on the role of Kang Yeong Cheon, a patient who killed Joo Yeo Jung (Lee Do Hyun)’s father (Seoul National Hospital’s director). 

Many people didn’t know Lee Moo Saeng, but they were greatly impressed by the actor’s performance as a psychopath in this drama although it was only a cameo role.

In particular, Park Sang Im (Kim Jung Young) came to meet the killer Kang Yeong Cheon in prison after finding out that Kang Yeong Cheon continuously sent letters of apology to Joo Yeo Jung and caused her son to suffer trauma. As Park Sang Im got angry, Kang Yeong Cheon tried to calm her by mentioning “social pressure” but that only made her more furious. 

the glory

Later, Kang Yeong Cheon suddenly opened his mouth and eyes wide then moved his eyes to the side, looking as if he was trying to hold back laughter. As Park Sang Im couldn’t control her anger, Kang Yeong Cheon burst into laughter and made provocative comments, such as “I’m not good at writing”, “I’m not trying to get out of here. The prison is comfortable and nice. They feed me three meals a day and let me exercise”, “I’m just bored”, etc.

Lee Moo-saeng the glory

Seeing Lee Moo Saeng’s acting, viewers reacted, “I got goosebumps because of Lee Moo Saeng’s acting”, “I think it was his first time showing this kind of acting, but he did so well”, “Is that Lee Moo Saeng I know?”, etc.

Making a breakthrough from his image of a gentle and nice middle-aged man he created in his previous works, Lee Moo Saeng shocked many drama fans.

Lee Moo-saeng the glory
Lee Moo-saeng the glory

After making his debut in 2006, Lee Moo Saeng has built a solid filmography by appearing in works of different genres, such as “Prison Playbook”, “Something in the Rain”, “The Crowned Clown”, “The World of the Married”, etc. In 2020, he starred in “Thirty Nine” as Kim Jin Seok, Jung Chan Yeong (Jeon Mi Do)’s boyfriend, and touched all viewers with his emotional acting.

Source: Daum

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