MAMAMOO Hwasa stuns in a mesh top at Uhm Jung Hwa’s birthday party

At Uhm Jung Hwa’s birthday party, Hwasa made a bold appearance by wearing a revealing mesh halterneck top.

On the 18th, singer and composer Jung Jae Hyung posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption “Birthday (Uhm Jung Hwa).” The photos captured various celebrities, models, and other famous figures gathering together and enjoying themselves.


Among them all, Hwasa stuns in a mesh top and captivates all eyes. The revealing outfit that exposes most of her back, at the same time provocatively hinted at the front, easily draws attention. 

It is known that Hwasa has a preference for exposing outfits, and due to this fashion inclination, she had had to explain her choices in the past.


In fact, Hwasa has discussed her choice of bold outfits on MBC’s “Radio Star”, addressing her past provocative stage costumes.

Previously, Hwasa had appeared in a red bodysuit at the 2018 MAMA Awards in Japan. The bodysuit, which is form-fitting and has a high cut, once sparked controversies for its revealing nature.


Regarding her bodysuit, Hwasa simply expressed her strong opinion by saying, “Which part is excessive? The butt part? I just thought it was better to not wear anything instead of revealing it vaguely. I thought about how to pull it off well and wear it on the stage to make myself cooler”. 

On another note, Hwasa recently appeared on the tvN show “Dancing Queens on the Street” alongside Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Wan Sun, Lee Hyori, and BoA.

Source: Insight

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