An unlucky year for KBS: many projects ruined by scandalous cast, including Kim Seon-ho

KBS is struggling due to a series of controversies caused by the cast of its 2021 projects.

2021 must have been a hard year for KBS due to countless controversies from a disagreement between the cast and the producer, to the scandalous private lives of the dramas’ cast. This bad news has drastically worsened the public image of this broadcast station.

The male lead of “River Where The Moon Rises” is accused of bullying and sexual harassment

KBS kickstarted its unlucky strike with the drama “River Where The Moon Rises”. According to the official announcement, the main roles were given to Kim Ji-soo and Kim So-hyun for what was considered the most anticipated drama of 2021. However, after allegations regarding Ji-soo’s past including bullying and sexual harassment appeared, he was surrounded by criticism from both the domestic and international audience.

With such negative public opinion, the production team had to postpone their filming schedule and opened up an emergency meeting. On March 5th, KBS announced that actor Na In-woo would be the male lead instead of Kim Ji-soo who had left due to his scandal. Kim Ji-soo’s controversy has caused a 3 billion worth damage to the production team and KBS.

Kim Ji-soo withdrew from the drama due to his scandalous past.
Na In-woo immediately got chosen for the male lead instead.

Dear. M’s female lead got exposed for bullying her classmate, the drama is postponed until further notice

Also in March, KBS has postponed another drama which is “Dear. M” due to the female lead Park Hye-soo’s bullying allegation. “Dear. M” is a drama with a young and trending cast including Park Hye-soo, Jaehyun (NCT), Noh Jung-eui,…

The female lead’s scandalous past has caused the drama to be postponed until further notice
The audience are sad that they might lose the chance to watch the young and gorgeous cast of “Dear. M”

“School 2021” constantly has trouble with the male lead, is there an internal conflict?

On July 15, netizens were once again confused by the news that “Penthouse” star Kim Young Dae has stepped down from “School 2021” due to a disagreement between the actor and the drama’s production team. Previously, “School 2021” also got embroiled in a controversy over casting with Ahn Seo Hyun and Kim Sae Ron. The fact that the drama constantly has actors leaving the cast has caused the viewers to question whether there is a problem related to the script or the production process.

Kim Young Dae withdrew from “School 2021”
The fixed cast members of “School 2021”

Kim Seon Ho gets caught up in a shocking scandal shortly after he shot to fame, KBS’s popular reality show is affected 

Most recently, rising actor Kim Seon Ho decided to drop out of the variety show “2 Days & 1 Night” produced by KBS after being involved in the scandal of forcing his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion that has caused a stir both in Korea and internationally. 2021 is ending soon, the question is: Will KBS face another bad luck?

Kim Seon Ho is dealing with the biggest scandal of his career
The actor will no longer appear on “2 Days & 1 Night”
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