BLACKPINK Lisa’s new record with ‘LALISA’ M/V TEASER

Blackpink Lisa transforms into a rebellious racing girl riding a motorcycle in the “Lalisa” MV teaser. Just a few hours after its release, the teaser has set many new records.

Specifically, Lisa’s agency, YG Entertainment, officially released the MV teaser of the song “Lalisa” last night. This is the title track of the upcoming solo album of BLACKPINK’s youngest member.

The MV teaser reveals many interesting details to fans. In the video, Lisa’s concept is a rebellious racing girl. Every walking step of the female idol is filled with power and charm. Lisa is also seen riding a motorbike. This scene implies feminism in the MV that she is going to release.

In addition to the visuals, the music in the teaser gets equal attention. Specifically, the hip-hop song “Lalisa” stands out with its fast and vibrant tempo, as well as Lisa’s charismatic rap verse. This is considered Lisa’s signature genre.

Since the teaser was released, Lisa has set a new series of records. The video quickly surpassed 1 million views within 18 minutes, topping the trending charts on YouTube globally and specifically in 50 countries.

With this achievement, Lisa is the first and fastest female Kpop artist to reach 1 million views. Notably, after that, she also achieved similar records with 2 million, 3 million, 4 million and 5 million views. Currently, the teaser is still getting massive attention from fans and the number of views as of the afternoon of September 8 is 8.5 million.

In addition to the title song “Lalisa”, Lisa will release a b-side track called “Money” in her first solo album. Both songs are written and produced by TEDDY, 24, Bekuh BOOM, R. Tee and Vince, the producers who created BLACKPINK’s hits “Whistle”, “Kill This Love” and “Pretty Savage”.

Lisa’s album will be released on September 10. Her solo debut promises to be as explosive as previous BLACKPINK’s soloists.

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