“We have been friends for 30 years”… The current status of a woman who was active as “Little Roora” with G-Dragon

The current status of a woman who was active as a singer was reported.

On July 21st, a video of meeting Meilin (SOM2, Seo Chae-woo) was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Current Status Olympics”.


Seo Chae-woo debuted in 1994 through MBC’s “Popopo”. At that time, she was selected for “Little Roora” because she was good at dancing on “Popopo”. She briefly did group activities at a young age. Next to her back then was G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong).

Seo Chae-woo said, “I still get along well with Ji-yong. It’s been a long time, so we’re like a family.” She also shared an anecdote that she and G-Dragon met by chance on the streets of Japan.

After making her face known as “Little Roora”, Seo Chae-woo began her full-fledged singing career at the age of 15 under the stage name “SOM2”. At that time, she was noticed for her perfect dancing and singing skills, but she stopped her activities due to problems between agencies while preparing for her Japanese debut.

However, the Korean agency wanted to push ahead with her domestic activities. Perhaps because she was hurt in various situations, she often went on stage with a swollen face. She suffered from edema as she had not had a period for nearly a year due to stress.

Seo Chae-woo recalled that time, “It was the first time I lived apart from my parents. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t even tell them because I didn’t want them to worry. I was only 19~20 years old back then, so I was afraid to go to a maternity clinic. I just endured and continued my activities.”

seo chae woo

Eventually, her parents found out about her health problems and she decided to stop singing. Afterwards, she studied in Japan and went through various fields such as stage installation and acting.

Seo Chae-woo is currently running a cafe in Seoul. She was recently congratulated for revealing that she met a good person and got married.

Source: wikitree

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