A Chinese trainee of “Girls Planet 999” made the viewers frustrated because of her attitude on the show

A Chinese trainee who appeared on today’s episode of Mnet’s show “Girls Planet 999” has aroused anger from the viewers with her dictatorial manner.

In the latest episode of “Girls Planet 999” aired on September 17, the second mission (Combination Mission) was held.

In this episode, Kim Do Ah’s group was preparing a dance performance for the song ‘Salute’ of Little Mix. Cai Bing was the team leader and in charge of the killing part, while the main dancer was Yoon Ji Ah.

After dividing the parts (intro, chorus) of the songs, they started creating the choreography.

When the dance master Baek Gu Young asked them about their choreography’s creating process, Cai Bing raised her hand, saying, “I did it” and made the atmosphere become awkward.

While monitoring Kim Do Ah’s group dancing, Sunmi pointed out a problem; she said, “All of Cai Bing’s dance movements are too fast. I think you have to practice adjusting your beat till the end.”

Baek Gu Young also added to Sunmi’s words, “In the case of Cai Bing, your dance moves are really stiff. Whenever Cai Bing appears, the formation of the whole group looks not flexible at all.”

In the end, the team members gathered to discuss the replacement of the killing part. Cai Bing shed tears after saying, “I didn’t know where my part was because I was paying attention to other members’ parts. I didn’t have time.”

After that, the practice scene was shown. However, there were some noises during the dance part of this Chinese member.

Cai Bing gave a suggestion to other members that they should do as choreography that was planned initially. Then she said, “I’m the leader. I think I can do whatever I want.”

Cai Bing continued to show her dictatorial attitudes. She firmly said, “Let’s keep doing this. Don’t give any more comment.”

After the broadcast, this scene caused a heated controversy. Netizens left many negative comments, saying, “Should leader have this dictatorial attitude?”, “She’s a real villain”, “If you keep thinking like that, you won’t be able to debut in the final group.”

Source: Dispatch

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