The current status of a Nigerian mixed-race model who was teased by friends because of her dark skin

On the Oct 26th broadcast of tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”, model Bae Yoo-jin appeared as a guest.

Bae Yoo-jin, who is a mixed Nigerian and boasts a slim height of 176cm, made it clear that she acquired “Korean citizenship” when introducing herself, “I’m a Korean model, Bae Yoo-jin.”

She said, “I’m still going to school. I skip school when I have shoots, but on days I don’t, I go to school and do two part-time jobs at cafe and pizza place.”

bae yoo jin

Bae Yoo-jin, who debuted as a fashion magazine model in 2017 at the age of a middle school student, was noticed after Seoul Fashion Week in 2018. 

Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho were surprised to hear that she is working part-time besides modeling. Bae Yoo-jin attracted attention by revealing the reason, “I give my mom the money I earned while working as a model. The money I earned from my part-time jobs is used as my pocket money or living expenses.”

bae yoo jin

Bae Yoo-jin, who grew up in a single-mother family, shared, “When I was in elementary school, a friend told me that it was difficult for people with a lot of melanin pigment to work in Korea. My body is all melanin pigment and I look different from Koreans, so I thought about what kind of job I could get.”

Yoo Jae-suk responded, “That’s racism. We need to change our perception. We have to feel that it’s a story that hurts people and shouldn’t talk about it.”

bae yoo jin

Bae Yoo-jin went on to say, “When I went home after school, my mom was doing the laundry. My friends teased me as ‘nigga’ from behind. Seeing this, my mom got angry and cried.”

Bae Yoo-jin continued, “The more they do that, the stronger you need to be. If you get hurt because of those words, you’ll be the only one who loses.”

bae yoo jin

Bae Yoo-jin expressed respect for her mother, who raised her alone. She said, “I want to fulfill my filial duty. I want to make money quickly and let her spend it comfortably.”

Bae Yoo-jin sent a video letter to her mother in tears, “I really love you. Let’s live happily ever after. I’ll be a good daughter.”

bae yoo jin

Bae Yoo-jin confessed, “My mom opposed my modeling job at first, but she cheered me on because I focused on what I wanted to do. The friends who always bullied me pretended to be close, saying ‘You’re a model now’.”

Meanwhile, Bae Yoo-jin, who has interacted with Han Hyun-min, a Nigerian mixed-race model like her, is nicknamed “female Han Hyun-min”. However, she expressed her ambition to work harder in the future in order to be called “model Bae Yoo-jin”.

Source: daum

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