BLACKPINK Lisa shows affection for her idol Taeyang in the “Shoong!” video-making film 

BLACKPINK Lisa says she has adored Taeyang as an idol since she was little.

Following his move to The Black Label, Taeyang released his first album “Down to Earth”, marking a new period in his career after the military. The two collaborated music videos featuring BTS Jimin and BLACKPINK Lisa were regarded as musically and visually polished.


Recently, a video-making film of “Shoong!” featuring BLACKPINK Lisa was released on The Black Label’s official YouTube channel. In the video, the BLACKPINK’s main dancer expressed her adoration for Taeyang. She said: “I was a huge fan of oppa (TAEYANG) since I was a baby. I finally have the chance to make music with my idol oppa, so I’m so excited and I feel so blessed”. In previous interviews, Taeyang said that Lisa was the first artist that came to mind after he finished the song. Producer Teddy also approved and brought them together.

Taeyang and BLACKPINK Lisa trained hard in the video-making film
During their normal exchanges, Lisa showed her shyness when she got to be near her idol

It is not without reason that the two synergized so well. Both are the main dancers in their groups who have sharp and flexible dance moves. They both achieved regional and international popularity along with their groups. 

Lisa was a backup dancer for Taeyang in “Ringa Linga”

When Lisa was a trainee for YG Entertainment, she was once a backup dancer for Taeyang’s “Ringa Linga” MV. Seven years later, she reached her dream goal to be not only close to her idol but to collaborate with him in an MV.

Source: K14

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