Current whereabouts of the “sitcom fairy” who looks like a combination of Sohee and Park Bo Young 

Actress Baek Jin Hee is dubbed the “sitcom fairy”. 

On November 10th, actress Baek Jin Hee’s agency said, “Baek Jin Hee is positively reviewing her appearance in ‘The Real Thing Has Appeared!'”

Baek Jin Hee

Since Baek Jin Hee’s role in KBS 2TV drama “Feel Good To Die” aired in 2018, she has only appeared in variety shows. She is finally returning to the small screen after 4 years.

KBS 2TV’s weekend drama “The Real Thing Has Appeared!” is a humanistic family drama that melts the male-female romance and the lives of the elderly who open the second act of their lives into the story.

“The Real Thing Has Appeared!”, which will be aired as a follow-up to the 50-episode drama “Three Bold Siblings”, is scheduled to air in the first half of 2023. Baek Jin Hee will take on the role of Yeon Doo, the female lead, a single mother. Kwak Si Yang will play Tae Kyung, Baek Jin Hee’s counterpart and a man who doesn’t like marriage. 

Baek Jin Hee

Baek Jin Hee is going to show a different side of her away from her youthful image in the past, drawing expectations. The drama is scheduled to start filming soon.

Baek Jin Hee, who appeared in the Korea-Japan joint campaign of the Public Service Advertisement Council in 2005, made her debut in the movie “Missing Person” in 2008 while going to college.

Empress Ki cast

After her debut, Baek Jin Hee, who has been steadily working as a minor and supporting actor, starred in MBC’s “High Kick!” and became popular.

Baek Jin Hee also received attention for her resemblance to actress Park Bo Young and Ahn Sohee of Wonder Girls.

In 2012, she acted as Cha Tae Hyun’s younger sister in KBS 2TV’s “Jeon Woo Chi”. The following year, she appeared in MBC’s weekend drama “Pots of Gold”, and won the Best New Actress Award. 

Baek Jin Hee

Baek Jin Hee, who greatly benefited from her MBC drama appearances, was cast in MBC dramas for 5 years, including dramas “Triangle”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “My Daughter, Geum Sawol”, and “Missing Nine”.

After that, she started working with other broadcasters. Baek Jin Hee starred in “Jugglers” and “Let’s Eat 3”, and “Feel Good to Die”. She also made a special appearance in “Fellow Citizens!” while taking a break from filming. 

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