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MAMAMOO’s Hwasa reveals she lived with cockroaches in a rooftop room when she was a trainee

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa recalled her difficult trainee days. 

In SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” broadcast on November 13th, a scene in which MAMAMOO’s Hwasa appeared as a guest was broadcast.

On this day, Seo Jang Hoon asked, “Hwasa is most famous for her charisma on stage. She has a lot of facial expressions. Please show the mothers a couple of your iconic expressions.”

Hwasa My Little Old Boy

Hwasa then showed off her facial expressions while saying, “Raising one eyebrow or staring at the camera like this has become my trademark. When I dance, I also lower the corners of my mouth a little bit.”

When Seo Jang Hoon asked Hwasa to talk a bit about MAMAMOO’s recently released album, she said, “The nuance is like MAMAMOO’s signature. It’s like a cute act of bravado. The title track is ‘ILLELLA’. It’s been a while since we made a comeback. So the album has great aspirations.”

Hwasa then performed the choreography of “ILLELLA” barefoot, exuding a charismatic charm with relaxed gestures.

Hwasa My Little Old Boy

In addition, Shin Dong Yeop wondered, “You also shared your room with the members when you were a trainee, right?”. Hwasa recalled the past and said, “Since I lived in Jeonju, living in a rooftop room in Seoul was a dream to me. First of all, I was very happy. Since there was a restaurant below our house in that building, we saw cockroaches almost every day”.

Hwasa added, “In the case of Solar unnie, she turned off the lights. You often see the cockroaches with the lights on, right? Solar turned off the lights so that she wouldn’t see them”.

Hwasa My Little Old Boy

When Shin Dong Yeop asked, “Did any member catch the cockroaches?”, Hwasa said, “I caught them. The members are from Seoul, so they were kinda like city girls”.

In particular, Seo Jang Hoon asked, “Hwasa is well-known for your healthy body and that’s one of your trademarks. Which part of your body are you confident in?”.

Hwasa My Little Old Boy

Hwasa replied, “It’s weird to say it myself, but I like my shoulders and my large lower body that I inherited from my family. Even until I debuted, I still wondered ‘Why am I so fat?’, but it’s a trend these days. It has become an advantage to me”.

Regarding her complex, Hwasa mentioned Lee Hyo Ri and shared, “It’s not a complex, but kind of a thing that makes me feel embarrassed. It’s my belly button. People reveal their belly buttons a lot these days. You must have a pretty belly button in order to show them. Isn’t the belly button of Lee Hyo Ri sunbaenim so pretty?”

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