The 2nd female lead of “Boys Over Flowers” through different versions: Kim So Eun is the most outstanding?

With different characterizations in each version, not every adaptation of “Boys Over Flowers” has a notable second female lead. 

In the megahit K-drama “Boys Over Flowers”, the female lead Geum Jan Di is not the only attraction of the show. Instead, many people also pay attention to her best friend Ga Eul, who has a just as interesting romance. Unfortunately, this character is not the same in different adaptations.

Below are the different versions of “Ga Eul” and how the audience perceive them

Kim So Eun

kim so eun

Kim So Eun, who played the 2nd female lead of the Korean adaptation “Boys Over Flowers”, played a great hand in bringing this character closer to the public. Despite not being a major character, her complicated relationship with Kim Bum’s character drew many viewers to the show, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that her character had just as many fans as the female lead. 

Aki Nishihara

aki nishihara

In the 2005 Japanese adaptation, it was the beautiful actress Aki Nishihara who assumed the role of the female lead’s best friend. Like other versions, Aki’s character is also in love with an F4 member, though she kept her feelings a secret as she believed he was out of her league. However, as an earlier portrayal, Aki’s character is not as fleshed out as in other adaptations of the show, leading to a rather “forgettable” presence. 

Rainie Yang

rainie yang

Few people know that in the 2001 version of “Boys Over Flowers”, the famous singer-actress Rainie Yang is the one who plays the female lead’s best friend. Her character, Xiao You, is a vivacious person who will always stand up for the female lead Shan Cai. At the time when the series was aired, Rainie Yang’s hair styling was criticized a lot, but she confessed that due to the tight budget of the crew, not only the hair, she also had to prepare the outfits all by herself.

Prim Chanikan

prom chanikan

As the youngest actress to play the role of the best friend of “Boys Over Flowers”’s female lead, Prim Chanikan left a deep impression in the hearts of audiences thanks to her pure and lovely beauty which perfectly fits her character. In fact, many viewers commented that in the Thai version of “Boy Over Flowers”, Kaning’s character overshadows the character of the female lead thanks to her memorable, eye-catching visuals. In real life, Prim is one of the most prominent actresses of GMMTV. The proof is that before F4 Thailand, the actress has had the opportunity to star in many Thai big dramas such as “The Gifted: Graduation” or “Blacklist”.

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