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Taeyang boasts about the lunch box full of love prepared by his wife Min Hyo Rin

Singer Taeyang expressed his love for his wife Min Hyo Rin.

Taeyang appeared as a guest on the new broadcast of MBC’s entertainment show “Omniscient Interfering View”, which aired on January 28th.

On the show, Taeyang moved to the filming set to do a countdown live broadcast for the release of his new song “VIBE”. He shared, “I was so nervous that I couldn’t sleep. There were so many thoughts in my mind. Of course, I’m always worried and anxious before releasing any new song but this time is very special”.


Taeyang’s manager asked, “Many trainees nowadays were born when Big Bang debuted. Do they know Big Bang?”, Taeyang replied, “Do they know us? I think they don’t. Aren’t we like legendary Pokemons?”.

Taeyang headed to the shop to get his makeup done while the manager prepared bananas and coffee for him. Bananas were the food that leave Taeyang and his manager a special memory. It is known that during Big Bang’s activities, Taeyang asked his manager to get him a banana but the manager misheard Taeyang’s words and baked the bananas.


The manager said, “Not long ago, G-Dragon came to the music video set”, revealing the unchanging friendship of Big Bang members. According to the manager, G-Dragon asked him, “Hyung, you’re still working at the company? I knew it since you baked the bananas”, and he replied, “I told you I’d be with you guys forever”.

Taeyang then drew attention as he took out a lunch box packed by his wife Min Hyo Rin. The male singer shared, “She often makes fried eggs, but this is how she takes care of me since today is a special day. A lunch box full of love”, adding “I’ll enjoy the meal”, showing great affection for his wife.

Regarding the lunch box that Min Hyo Rin packed with her sincere heart, Taeyang’s manager exclaimed, “She made it with all her heart. Arent’ they strawberries? The strawberries have the heart shape”.

Source: Daum

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