Suzy unveils her Thailand trip for a CF shoot, “I was tired but I still finished two movies on the plane”

Singer-actress Suzy filmed an advertisement in Thailand.

On June 9th, Suzy’s Youtube channel “suzy” uploaded a new Vlog video titled “Thailand Diary”.


Suzy boarded a flight to Thailand to shoot a cosmetics advertisement. She shared, “I got on the plane going to Bangkok and I’m very tired”. She spent her break in the business class by watching two movies.

Upon arriving at the resort of Pattaya, Suzy proceeded with advertising shoots over the course of two days. After completing the shoots in the scorching weather, Suzy sat at a beachfront restaurant, enjoying a delicious meal while admiring the beautiful beach view. Even while eating, Suzy showed her passion for capturing the stunning beach scenery, holding her camera.


In addition, Suzy had a delightful time in Thailand as she enjoyed a second round of drinks on a rooftop. Here, the idol-actress expressed her satisfaction, saying, “I was so busy in Thailand, but was able to shoot in so many beautiful spots.”

Source: Nate

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