Surprisingly, foreign viewers interpreted Park Hae Soo’s bathtub scene in “Squid Game” in a completely different way

Netflix’s original series “Squid Game” has created a global craze that goes beyond the land of Korea.

Squid Game” has made a huge box-office success all around the world because of its unique visual effects, the setting of the stories, and the actors’ passionate performances.

In addition, “Squid Game” contains a lot of Korean elements, such as traditional Korean games, that stimulate the interest of foreigners.

Squid Game Park Hae Soo scene 51020212

However, foreigners sometimes find these Korean elements unfamiliar and incomprehensible. In particular, Park Hae Soo’s bathtub scene is a typical example.

Park Hae Soo, who is in debt of 6 billion won in the “Squid Game”, burns the charcoal to end his life.

In this scene, Park Hae Soo goes into the bathtub with clothes on, drinks soju, and burns the charcoal.

Squid Game Park Hae Soo scene 51020213

All Korean viewers knew at a glance what the act of burning charcoal means, but foreigners didn’t.

When overseas fans saw the charcoal, they responded by saying that it was like a kind of incense used in Buddhism.

Squid Game Park Hae Soo scene 51020214

They left many comments, such as, “I know something is not right in this situation, but why is he lighting a charcoal?”, “What the hell is that?”, “At the end, he just wants to use incense?”

Meanwhile, the popularity of “Squid Game” in foreign countries is absolutely unbelievable.

Thousands of people gathered at the Squid Game Experience Center in France. This was a rare scene to be seen in this country.

Amid this phenomenon, many foreign media have been predicted that “Squid Game” will become Netflix’s highest-grossing film.

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