A teenage ARMY’s one-of-a-kind contract to persuade parents to buy BTS’s 2022 Season’s Greeting went viral

Korean netizens left comments saying that if they were this fan’s parents, they would certainly not be able to reject this smart but equally adorable request.

In the final months of 2021, Kpop entertainment companies have posted preview images for the 2022 Season’s Greetings of their label artists. Similar to previous years, many idol groups have quickly become the focus of attention not only from their own fans but also from Korean netizens, thanks to the aesthetic and eye-catching designs of seasons’ greeting. 

Among the artists who revealed the preview for their 2022 Season’s Greetings, BTS has received a lot of compliments from Kpop fans for the cool concept and the members’ handsome visuals. Many netizens who are not even fans of BTS also want to purchase the group’s 2022 Season’s Greetings, despite the fact that it is more expensive than the average Season’s Greetings in Kpop.

For fans who already have jobs, they can quickly order this merchandise without hesitation. However, this is more difficult for younger ARMYs who are still in school. They might need to ask their parents for money. Each fan surely has their own way of convincing their parents or siblings to be able to get a set of BTS’s 2022 Season’s Greetings. Notably, a 13-year-old ARMY recently went viral in Korea because she came up with a unique way to get the nod from her parents that cannot get any cuter and smarter. 

2022 BTS's Season Greeting

Instead of verbal persuasion, this young ARMY chose to write a “contract” that clearly stated what she would do to get BTS’s Season’s Greetings 2022 as well as why she needed it. 

“Contract agreeing to purchase Season’s Greeting

You’re working really hard today, yet again. I wish you both the best of health as the wintertime is quickly approaching us.. On Weverse, BTS has started selling their 2022 Season’s Greeting. Please reply to the content below.

This coming December 25th will be Christmas. Although I am 13 years old, I still believe in the existence of Santa Claus with a pure heart. Since I am an innocent and pure child, I sincerely request that I receive my Christmas gift in advance.

As you know, I started attending a math tutoring center after regular school because of my burning passion for learning. But, as I approach middle school, I’ve begun to believe that I need to make more concrete plans for my education. I want to effectively focus on my studies by using the calendar included in the Season’s Greeting, and set my academic plans.

I’ve been a little sidetracked this month and have neglected my responsibilities. But if you think positively about this agreement, I will definitely focus more on what I have to do and will become a good son who always listens to your requests.

If you have anything else you want me to do, you can write down three things here:

  1. Clean your room well
  2. Eat meals well
  3. Exercise deligently

2022 Season’s Greetings & Wall Calendar

I agree to the purchase

O Yes       O Yes”

2022 BTS's Season Greeting

The funniest and loveliest part of this agreement is the two options given to this fan’s parents – all of which are Yes! 


Fortunately, her argument persuaded her parents, and the aforementioned BTS fan then shared a photo indicating that she had placed an order for Season’s Greetings 2022. This story has gotten a lot of attention since it was extensively shared. Many netizens stated unequivocally that if they were the parents of this ARMY, they would immediately agree to purchase the thing she wants.

2022 BTS's Season Greeting


  • 1. It’s really cute. But if you look at how she reacted to people who mocked and cursed at her, you can realize that she is an adult.
  • 2. yes or yes lol
  • 3. It’s even more touching because her parents only wrote about health, such as “eat well”, “exercise” rather than studying-related contents. 
  • 4. If I were her parents, I would also buy it for her. She’s so cute.
  • 5. It’s funny and cute that there are only yes and yes options. 
  • 6. But Season’s Greetings is crazy. I often buy albums only, but this time I’ll definitely buy Season’s Greetings. 
  • 7. You’re better at writing than HYBE lol
  • 8. I guess her mental age was switched with mine lol
  • 9. I’m 13 years old like her. I promise I’ll study hard and use my smartphone less from now on.
  • 10. She’s only 13?! How smart!
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