Sunmi surprised fans by showing off her “one handful” waistline even though she gained 9kg

Singer Sunmi showed off her beautiful figure.

On Jan 1st, Sunmi shared how she greeted the New Year in Bangkok, Thailand through her Instagram.

In the photos, Sunmi was wearing a cropped T-shirt, jeans and taking mirror selfies.


Sunmi wore a cropped T-shirt and hip slung pants, revealing her perfect “one handful” waistline.

Sunmi also drew attention by boasting her flat belly and lean arms.

She even showed off her cute charm by tying her hair in pigtails.


When appearing on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” in 2020, Sunmi confessed that she lost weight down to 41kg during “Heroine”.

At that time, she revealed that she gained a total of 9kg, “I thought I may die if I continued like this, so I gained weight to 50kg.”


Fans who saw Sunmi, who maintains her “one handful” waistline despite gaining 9kg, responded, “She’s really pretty” and “She seems to have lost weight again.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi, who is active in various fields, is currently hosting the YouTube web entertainment show “Show!terview with Sunmi”.

Source: Insight

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