Sunmi explains the recent misunderstanding about her appearance at the airport for a personal schedule in the U.S 

Singer Sunmi revealed a long explanation about her appearance at the airport.

On April 27th, Sunmi posted on her Instagram Story a screenshot of an article about her arrival at the airport reported by a media company. 

Along with the photo, she added a caption to explain the situation, saying, “I actually didn’t know that there would be reporters because it was my personal schedule. I was with my younger brothers, and it seems like the manager and my brothers were unable to communicate from inside and outside the gate. I’m so sorry”, adding, “I have always shown a bright appearance at the airport but I was so flustered that day”.


Regarding the photo in the article, she said, “I also didn’t wear any sponsored item in the photo on the right”. She added crying emoticons and heart emoticons and wrote in a friendly tone to solve the misunderstandings.

The article that Sunmi screenshotted said that Sunmi lied to reporters to get rid of them that day. From the title of the article, they claimed that Sunmi got away from reporters by telling a lie. It was said that reporters were waiting for Sunmi’s arrival after seeing her manager, but she did not show up at the promised place. Accordingly, Sunmi came out from another gate and disappeared.

In addition, it was pointed out in the article that most celebrities wore costumes sponsored by fashion brands and kindly posed toward reporters at the airports, but Sunmi showed unusual behaviors. The article compared two photos of Sunmi appearing at the airport and noted, “Her appearances when wearing and not wearing sponsored clothes are so different”.

However, Sunmi said she didn’t wear any sponsored products on the day she posed friendly and also on the day she did not do so due to her embarrassment of having to greet the reporters so suddenly. It was Sunmi’s personal schedule so she quietly appeared at the airport wearing comfortable clothes. The unexpected appearance of reporters on such private schedules made her so confused. 

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