The young fan who cried after meeting BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is actually the daughter of a Dior director?

The little girl who went viral for her emotional reaction to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo turns out to have a special background. 

On April 30, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo became a hot topic when she attended the 2022 Dior Fall Show at Ewha Women University in Seoul, Korea, as the global ambassador of the luxury fashion house. Here, a young fan also went viral for the photos taken of her next to Jisoo, where her expressions were simply priceless and relatable. 

However, what’s most surprising is the identity of this little girl. Turns out, she is the daughter of one of Dior’s department directors, who manages leather goods. This special fan even wore a black and pink outfit at the event, which clearly proved that she’s a hardcore BLINK (fandom of BLACKPINK). It is said that she attended the fashion show alongside her mother, and of course, was no ordinary fan to have interacted with Jisoo at such close distance. 

blackpink jisoo
This young fan of Jisoo went viral for her expression when meeting Jisoo in person at Dior’s Fall show in Seoul. Her black and pink outfit proves that the girl is a fan of BLACKPINK.
blackpink jisoo
She was so happy meeting Jisoo that she even started sobbing in front of her idol
blackpink jisoo
It turns out this little girl is the daughter of Dior’s director of leather goods, which explains why she was present at the show and met different A-list Korean stars, including Jisoo.
blackpink jisoo
Getting Jisoo’s autograph, taking a photo together and even being hugged by the BLACKPINK member, she is the luckiest fan!
blackpink jisoo
Jisoo is also praised for her sweet gesture towards her fans
Jisoo’s top-tier visuals in Dior Fall 2022 show

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