“Street Woman Fighter 2” trailer heralds intense battles from the beginning, “They’re here to fight”

Mnet’s upcoming show “Street Woman Fighter 2” released its first trailer video.

The official Youtube channel of Mnet’s new survival program “Street Woman Fighter 2” recently uploaded a trailer video titled “Global crew appears and drives everyone into confusion! The greatest battle of all time on a bigger stage”.

Street Woman Fighter 2

The released trailer shows a close-up faceoff between the best female fighters representing global dance crews, raising high tension ahead of the official broadcast.

In particular, DEEP N DAP Mina Myoung and 1MILLION Amy catch the eyes of viewers as they engage in a fierce confrontation before a 1:1 dance battle.

With her husky voice, Mina Myoung took the lead and said, “I don’t know who you are”. Amy quickly responded, “Neither do I”, showing her unwavering confidence.

Approaching Amy, Mina Myoung said, “You must know me, though”, in a provocative way. Amy looked at Mina Myoung’s face with her innocent eyes, saying “I don’t know you, Do you know me?”. 

Without using honorifics, Mina Myoung angrily said, “No. I told you that I don’t know you”. Amy smiled and continued, “Why are you talking down to me? You don’t know who I am. Then why do you talk down to me?”.

The atmosphere in the studio froze for a moment. Judge Monika clapped and tried to change the mood by saying, “Let’s fight by dancing”. However, the silence continued.

It was Mina Myoung who spoke up first. She said, “Let me just go right away. I feel so crappy”. 

Watching the two, other dancers commented, “They’re here to fight”, etc. Judge Shownu forcibly smiled and said, “I would like to go home…”

Street Woman Fighter 2” PD Kim Ji Eun said, “In Season 2, K-dancers and global crews with great influence will perform and compete with each other., They will bring so much fun to viewers and showcase spectacular performances as well as their charms, so please look forward to the show.”

Meanwhile, “Street Woman Fighter” will premiere at 10 p.m. on August 22nd. This season features 8 crews, including 1MILLION, BEBE, DEEP N DAP, JAM REPUBLIC, LADYBOUNCE, MANNEQUEEN, TSUBAKILL and Wolf’Lo.

Source: Insight

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