Stars’ donations at the end of 2023: Eunhyuk to firefighters’ bereaved families, Kim Se-jeong to Autism Society of Korea

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (real name Lee Hyuk-jae) continues to spread warmth with charitable acts towards the end of the year

Following a 50 million won donation for the support of children and youth in cultural and artistic activities, he has now added a further 100 million won donation for the bereaved families of firefighters who died in the line of duty, spreading positive influence.


Eunhyuk decided to make the donation after learning about the sacrifice of a firefighter in his 20s who died while extinguishing a fire in Jeju Island recently. It is reported that he wanted to remind himself of the dedication of firefighters and provide support to their families.

The funds will be used for supporting single-parent bereaved families and providing education assistance for children who lost their parents.

kim se jeong

On the other hand, singer-actress Kim Se-jeong, upon joining the cast of the play “Temple”, donated 50 million won to the Autism Society of Korea, expressing her hope and support for autism patients and their families.

This donation was inspired by Kim Se-jeong’s participation in the play “Temple”. After taking on the role of Temple Grandin, who overcame autism and became a world-renowned zoologist, Kim Se-jeong felt a deep connection and decided to make the donation.

Source: Daum, Wikitree

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