“Spider-Man” Star Tom Holland Reveals ‘Flexibility’ Weakness, “I Can’t Even Touch My Toes”

Tom Holland, who leads the Marvel series “Spider-Man”, talked about his weakness and an unexpected injury

According to a report by PINKVILLA on September 21st, Tom Holland shared, “There was one injury (during the filming of ‘Spider-Man’), but it didn’t happen on set”.

The actor continued, “I was carrying my suitcase down the stairs when we’d finished filming, and I fell and tweaked my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) a little bit”, adding that his injury was recovering.

tom holland

Tom also emphasized that he was able to fulfill all the stunts and action scenes safely without any problem.

In the following interview question, Tom revealed he was a gymnast when he was a kid, saying “It helped me a lot throughout the process. But the training was more just getting fit and getting in shape so that I could work day-in and day-out and dangle from wires and stuff”.

Tom then admitted that his weakness was ‘flexibility’. He jokingly said, “My stunt coordinator asked me to get flexible. I tried, and I just wasn’t successful. I can’t even touch my toes”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Tom Holland will appear in “Spider-Man 4”, the follow-up movie to MCU’s “Spider-Man 3: No Way Home”. However, the release has been delayed due to the Hollywood strike.

Source: Daum

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