Jin (BTS) exposed Park Myung Soo’s dismissive behaviors when BTS was lesser known 

Despite negative experiences, the members still kept a courteous and graceful manner. 

BTS has a reputation of not showing up at entertainment programs and only pushes for members’ appearances to promote their solo activities. During Jin’s appearance on Park Myung Soo’s talkshow to promote “The Astronaut”, the BTS member had a straightforward and funny but also surprising conversation, especially from Jin

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For example, when BTS was less famous in the industry and came across Park Myung Soo at the washroom, the group greeted the comedian and asked for a photo with him only to receive a plain rejection. The famed comedian was put on the spot and only said that he just washed his hands at the moment and was not at his convenience to exchange with his juniors. 

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Park Myung Soo was taken aback by the past encounter. Image: Internet 

In 2021, Park Myung Soo himself told this story on KBS’ Cool FM Radio show: “In the past, 7 celebrities greeted [me] as, “We are BTS”, in the washroom, and they asked if they could get a pic with me. I said, ‘Ya, just go.’” Park Myung Soo added he met them for the second time in 2018 when they were globally famous at the washroom of Gimpo airport. He said, “I didn’t know these kids would get this famous. I should have treated them better when I met them in the past.”

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BTS of the past and present. Image: Internet

Speaking of the past, Jin kept a calm posture and continued the jokes with the comedia. He was praised for a tactful response in that situation and even exchanged phone numbers to keep contact. Jin also asked for a tennis date with Park Myung Soo. 

The controversial exchange dealt a great pain to BTS fans at the time the group only had few achievements. Several netizens responded: “I don’t like it when big stars look down on rookie idols”, “this is not funny at all, Park Myung Soo only regrets because BTS is famous now, doesn’t he?”

In 2016, Jungkook joined the reality show “Flower Crew” for the first time without his members. Jungkook bought burgers for the cast crew out of courtesy and consideration in their first meeting. 

However, Jo Se Ho and Kang Jang Hoon ignored Jungkook when he offered them burgers and did not pay attention to his words. Se Ho was rude to prevent the crew from eating and said the burgers “feel like leftovers” and walked away. 

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Jungkook was ignored by other veterans in reality show appearances. Image: Vlive 

Because the show was live and unedited, fans were infuriated with Jo Se Ho’s bullying and scornful behaviors. Following the incident, Jo Se Ho had to publicly apologize and said it was an unfortunate understanding. 

Four years later, Jungkook appeared on “You Quiz on the Block” hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho. When Yoo Jae Suk spoke of Jungkook, he said: “I last saw Jungkook five years ago, and it’s totally different from the last time I saw him,‬” Jo Se Ho added, “I think he’s become even cooler!‬” Jungkook revealed he contacted Jo Se Ho prior to the filming. The graceful actions received praise from the audience. 

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Jo Se Ho and Jungkook met again after 4 years. Image: Internet
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