Kyungbok High School to investigate students that made sexually harassing comments towards aespa on SNS

The all-boy high school finally took action against the sexual harassment that took place during and after aespa’s performance at their school festival. 

Previously, aespa attended an event at Kyungbok High School, where Lee Soo Man was an alumnus. Unfortunately, due to poor security, the event turned out to be downright dangerous for the SM girl group. 

aespa was surrounded by male students while having no bodyguard to protect them. And to make it worse, after the performance, these students started to post photos of aespa on social media with distasteful captions that border on sexual harassment


On May 4th, against harsh criticism from fans and the public alike, Kyungbok High School finally took action against their students’ behavior, announcing that: “We have found a student that posted inappropriate comments about aespa and this student admitted to his mistake. At the moment, we are investigating further about the entire mishap. If results prove these misbehaviors true, then we would proceed in accordance with our school regulations, or expel these students.”  

Kyungbok high school also shared that they have discovered another student who made a disturbing comment towards aespa, but couldn’t punish him because he has graduated. Currently, they are open to receiving reports about other students who wrote distasteful remarks about the female idols. 


Previously, Kyungbok High School has issued two apologies to aespa and SM Entertainment for the incident, but fans weren’t pleased. These two statements shifted the blame onto other parties and weren’t direct enough, they claimed

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