This female idol is drawing attention with her advice to a fan’s question “Should I call my ex?” 

WJSN Seola’s wise advice to fans’ concerns recently became a hot topic.

On May 4th, a screenshot of the message Seola sent to fans through the fan communication platform Universe was posted on Twitter and online communities. 

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Universe is a private message app. Singers can read fans’ messages in the group chat. Fans can receive messages sent by singers in the form of private messages. Seola answered the concerns that fans sent to her.

The female idol said, “If you are going to call your ex, I think you had better send one more letter to your mom”.


Based on Seola’s answer, people guess that a fan might have asked whether she should call her ex or not.

More than 12,000 screenshots of this message were shared on Twitter and also spread through various online communities, drawing attention.

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Netizens gave many reactions to Seola’s message, such as “What a wise and cool answer”, “I should also keep this in mind”, “This advice is so great. Don’t call especially when you are drunk”, etc. 

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