Song Joong-ki’s warmhearted actions towards his staff that would definitely make you fall in love with him

After divorcing, Song Joong Ki has returned with more exciting dramas.

Song Joong Ki

A famous actor couple once fluttered the hearts of the whole nation. However, they eventually faced a sad ending of a divorce after 1 year and 9 months. After suspending his activities for a year due to the divorce, the male actor made his appearance in public again through various movies and dramas.

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki

That male actor is Song Joong-ki, who once captivated the hearts of many female fans with his role in “Descendants of the Sun”. Not only is Song Joong-ki known for his good-looking appearance, he is also often praised by netizens for his admirable manners. In order to prove this point, netizens have brought up many scenes in which Song Joong-ki was taking care of his staff on the filming set. Song Joong-ki recently returned to the small screen through the drama “Vincenzo”.

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki

In the dark hero movie “Vincenzo”, Song Joong-ki appeared as an Italian mafia lawyer who had to come to Korea due to an incident related to a betrayal of his mafia organization. With his great acting, Song Joong-ki was in charge of bringing excitement to the viewers through the small screen every weekends.

In fact, there was something else that received as much attention as the drama “Vincenzo”. It’s none other than the making videos of “Vincenzo”. In particular, what Song Joong-ki told his staff in the making videos had made headlines at that time.

Song Joong Ki
Song Joong Ki

For example, let’s look at a video that showed Song Joong-ki filming a scene in which he turned on the lighter. Since he failed to turn on the lighter at once, the actor said, “Can I do it again?” then started re-doing the scene. This time, after turning on the lighter, he hit the car door strongly and turned it off.

In response, a staff jokingly said, “Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki) is angry”, and Song Joong-ki replied, “No, it’s just because I’m cold”. In fact, the film crew was filming this scene outdoors in chilly weather, so it was not easy for any actor, even Song Joong-ki, to hide his cold. Then, a staff handed over his hot pack to Song Joong-ki.

It was such a good opportunity for Song Joong-ki to get rid of the cold, but he decided to return the hot pack to the staff and said, “Why would I take yours?”. What he means was he didn’t want to forget the cold and take away the hot pack from his staff as he knew not only him but others were also struggling with the extreme weather outdoors.

After watching the making video, netizens immediately fell in love with Song Joong-ki’s charisma so they commented, “Oppa, why did you take away my heart?”, “How could Song Joong-ki be this cute?”, “I demanded that you should be life imprisoned for stealing my heart. This is my complaint.” In addition, the making videos also showed the actors’ playful moments and the scenes when they did funny ad-libs. Therefore, the viewers could feel the friendly and warm atmosphere at the filming site.

What also drew the audiences’ attention to “Vincenzo” was the lively visual effect at the beginning of the drama.

Movie fans were all surprised with the before-and-after CG processed Italian scenes shown in the special making video. Due to the spread of the pandemic, the production team couldn’t go to Italy to film the real scene, so they used CGI instead.

In particular, through this making video, the actors and the production staff’s efforts to solve the viewers’ curiosity and complete the work were recognized and became a hot topic. At that time, the production team of “Vincenzo” explained, “The background of Italy is the key factor to portray the mafia lawyer Vincenzo. In order to shoot these scenes, we faced lots of difficulties at the beginning stage of the production. The Italian background was created by using minimal field shooting and visual effects. All the scenes in which actor Song Joong-ki appears were filmed in Korea and added as overlays to the background.” Moreover, they also added, “It was actor Song Joong-ki’s skillful acting that improved the perfection of the scenes.”

With Song Joong-ki’s outstanding acting and his perfect collaboration with fellow actors, “Vincenzo” successfully ended with the highest rating of 14.6%. Regarding Song Joong-ki’s choice of the script to play the mafia role, Internet users responded, “He must have been worried a lot because this was his comeback drama after his divorce”, “I could understand his efforts and how hard he had thought.”

After “Vincenzo” ended, Song Joong-ki immediately appeared in Heize’s music video. Moreover, he is reportedly filming for a new drama called “Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son”. This fantasy drama tells about a chaebol family’s secretary who is born again as the youngest son of that family and lives his second life. In this drama, Song Joong-ki will work with actor Lee Sung-min, actress Shin Hyun-bin and actor Cho Han-chul.

Meanwhile, in 2016, the Korea Economic Daily quoted what an advertising official said in their report, “Song Joong-ki is expected to make more than 100 billion won in advertising and event sales throughout the year”. According to many reports, companies around the world, including Korea and China, have offered Song Joong-ki 9 billion won in advertising fees, and there are reportedly 100 companies that have invited him.

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