IU proves astounding acting abilities with “Dream”, despite a low box-office record 

Singer-actress IU reveals her impressive acting chops in the sports comedy-drama movie “Dream”, co-starring Park Seo Joon. 

From rags to riches, IU is climbing from one peak of stardom to another. Currently, the “LILAC” singer is expanding her scope to entertainment, dramas, and movies. At the moment, the actress is considered one of the most notable “all-rounders” in Korea. Be it a natural talent or rich sensitivity, IU has been attaining new success thanks to public support. 

Dream IU

Nonetheless, perhaps IU is reaching a temporary setback in the movie department. “Broker” and “Dream” fell short of expectations. Despite it rather unimpressive box-office record, “Broker” was critically acclaimed and invited to compete at the Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile, “Dream” could barely exceed 1 million tickets sold, even when it was considered a revival of Korean cinema from a slump. 

Controversy arose about whether IU’s appearance in “Dream” was not a success as expected. In terms of the box office alone, the movie failed. However, IU’s role makes it harder to conclude the movie as a failure. Playing the aspiring PD Lee So Min, the actress shines in simple clothing and a messy appearance. She “steals the spotlight” for herself, while still harmonizing with other actors and the surrounding environment. This gives off a similar vibe when IU debuted with her first acting role, Kim Pil Suk in “Dream High”. 


In “Dream”, IU appears a bit unpolished in a simple shirt and jeans with no makeup on. Yet, the simple look breaks down a barrier between the singer and the viewers and brings a raw and simple aspect of IU to the screen. 

In fact, the filming project for “Dream” started before “Broker” started rolling. Therefore, when the two movies came out, viewers got to see IU’s maturity as an actor in reverse. That partially explains why “Dream” showed a less skilled IU than her in “Broker”. Nonetheless, “Dream” held some meaning for the actress as it “quenched thirst for a bright role”. Her amicable relationship with her co-star Park Seo Joon also gave it away why the public loved her so much. 


Until now, IU has mainly played roles with heavy stories in “My Mister”,  “Moon Lovers”, and the movie “Broker”. Therefore, a cheerful and lovely movie is a nice change for the actress. The role of director Lee So Min also paralleled with a part in her real life, deepening her performance in the movie. 

With “Dream”, IU is taking another leap as an actor. Moreover, she is working with Park Bo Gum on another drama called “You Have Done Well”, raising expectations for what kind of role she will portray. 

Source: naver 

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