“Deep condolences”, BJ Seya clarified rumors of Itaewon disaster and posted a sudden announcement 

BJ Seya spoke up regarding rumors that he was one of the causes of the Itaewon crowd crush.

On November 1st, BJ Seya posted a notice titled “Notice of Closing” through his Afreeca TV channel. Here, the BJ wrote, “Hello, this is Seya. First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the victims of the Itaewon accident and their families.” 

Itaewon stampede
The scene of the tragic accident that occurred in Itaewon on October 29th.

Then, he added, “As I said in the broadcast yesterday (October 31st), I’m going to take a short break from broadcasting until November 5th. When I return from this brak, I will proceed with the scheduled outdoor broadcast in Japan”.

Previously, it was claimed that the Itaewon disaster occurred right after the visit of celebrities such as Seya, and various rumors were spread. In response, Seya dismissed the rumor as “groundless” on his Instagram.

itaewon stampede memorialization
Itaewon Station Exit 1 covered in chrysanthemum flowers

In the clarification post, Seya said, “It was reported in the press and in various posts that ‘there was a crowd due to the visits of celebrities,’ and some people said these celebrities include me.”

He also explained, “I never visited anywhere after putting on makeup, I wanted to go somewhere and couldn’t move, and I was swept away by the crowds and it was difficult to even move in the direction I wanted”.

itaewon stampede memorialization thumbnail

The Itaewon disaster that took place on October 29th has killed 156 people as of 11pm (KST) on November 1st. 33 people were seriously injured and 124 people were lightly injured, making for a total of 157 injured people.

Source: wikitree

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