DJ Koo wants to break up with Barbie Hsu since “she deserves a better life”

After DJ Koo expresses his wish to give Barbie Hsu a better life by getting a divorce, netizens call this “joke of the year”. 

Since late 2021, Barbie Hsu and her former husband Wang Xiaofei have been making headlines with their “media battle”. In particular, Wang Xiaofei not only insulted his ex-wife, but also called DJ Koo a “gold-digger”. It is known that DJ Koo’s net worth amounts to 2.5 million USD (including a villa in Seoul) after 25 years of activities in Korea, yet according to Chinese media Sina, Barbie Hsu is 8 times richer than her current husband. 

Wang Xiaofei-Barbie Hsu
Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei’s marriage and separation has never ceased being a hot topic
Wang Xiaofei Barbie Hsu
Even now, the couple’s “media battle” continues over their properties. 
Koo Jun-yup Barbie Hsu thumbnail
Barbie Hsu and her new husband – DJ Koo 

On the other hand, DJ Koo revealed in a recent interview that he felt guilty over not being able to give Barbie Hsu a full-filling life. According to the male celebrity, he even thought about getting a divorce since Barbie Hsu “deserves a better life”. Immediately, his remarks have become a topic of discussion across various internet forums. 

Koo Jun-yup Barbie Hsu
Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo got married 4 months after the actress’ separation with Wang Xiaofei. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • If Barbie Hsu cannot earn her own money, only the super super rich can cater for her at her rate of spending 
  • She deserves a better life? Just say you guys got bored of each other 
  • It seems that Barbie Hsu has terrible marriage luck. Also, can’t she pay for her own things? 
  • Just my two cents but I think DJ Koo thought he found a goldmine after Barbie Hsu divorced her rich ex-husband, only for Wang Xiaofei to stop paying 
  • This is how love is in reality, guys. No matter how in love you felt, it all boils down to money in the end 
  • Separating because their partner deserves a better life is a very common yet ridiculous excuse. 
koo jun yup
Barbie Hsu’s new marriage receive just as many controversial opinions as her previous one

In the past, it is reported that DJ Koo is living in Taiwan with Barbie Hsu and making his living by performing at bars. He initially traveled to work by cab, but has since been spotted driving. However, the vehicle driven by DJ Koo was later revealed to have been a property of Wang Xiaofei, which cost about 2.4 million USD, leading to heavy criticism from netizens.

At the same time, DJ Koo previously claimed that he only brought 16,000 USD to Taiwan, and even his quarantine fee was covered by Barbie Hsu. Using these sharing, Wang Xiaofei did not hold back on calling the DJ a “gold-digger” or “leeched on Barbie Hsu”. 

koo jun yup
Netizens mocked that DJ Koo must have “saved the entire galaxy in his past life to enjoy such a wealthy life now”
Wang Xiaofei Barbie Hsu
In accordance with their divorce settlements, Wang Xiaofei gave Barbie Hsu his 13.1 million USD real estate. 
Wang Xiaofei
However, the Chinese man stopped paying for Barbie Hsu’s utilities like electricity and water, causing the actress to bring things to court. 
Wang Xiaofei
It is said that all daily life expenses of Barbie Hsu’s family, including her wedding dress, was paid out of Wang Xiaofei’s pockets 

Unwilling to be called a gold-digger, DJ Koo is trying to purchase a house in Taiwan for himself and Barbie Hsu. He has everything in Korea, from house, car, to properties, but none of these he can bring to Taiwan. As a result, he can only buy a 120 meter square apartment in installments, but this was a much meeker life compared to Barbie Hsu’s luxurious marriage with Wang Xiaofei. As of the moment, the actress has also moved out of her ex-husband’s house into another property under her name, in order to protect the dignity of her new husband. 

Wang Xiaofei
Barbie Hsu’s former husband said that DJ never paid a dime for Barbie Hsu
Wang Xiaofei Barbie Hsu
According to Wang Xiaofei, Barbie Hsu breached their settlement contract and “stole” millions of Taiwan dollars from him every month.

With all the controversy surrounding her marriages, Barbie Hsu and her family are suffering from heavy consequences. In particular, the image of DJ Koo and Barbie Hsu’s sister, Dee Hsu, have been tainted and their commercial value declined. They even had to take a long hiatus from entertainment activities to avoid criticisms. 

koo jun yeop barbie hsu vogue
Barbie Hsu and DJ Koo’s marriage has been in the spotlight of the Chinese showbiz for a while 
Netizens say that should the couple really separate, they would become a “joke of the year”

Source: Yan

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