“Single’s Inferno” Song Ji-ah lost her image due to the ‘fake products’ controversy, but still earned over 300 million won per month. Why?

Attention is focusing on the monthly income of model-creator Freezia (Song Ji-ah). This is because many products she wore in “Single’s Inferno” have recently been confirmed as fake clothes.

According to the SNS analysis site Nox Influencer, Freezia’s monthly is expected to have exceeded 300 million won as of January 18th. It is estimated that she can earn at least 20 million won even in the months that her income is low.

It was found out that Freezia’s monthly income can range from a minimum of 873,000 won and a maximum of 317,968,000 won. If SNS advertising revenue is added, her income will increase even more. Over the past month, she has conducted 6 Instagram advertisements for various products, including AHC Biome Ampoule and Alexander McQueen mini bag. Considering that she would earn 10 won of advertising fee for each follower, Freezia, who has 3.4 million Instagram followers, is expected to receive more than 30 million won per advertisement.

Song Ji-ah earning

Freezia quickly rose to stardom after appearing in the entertainment show “Single’s Inferno” last year. The number of her Youtube channel “freeJia” has increased from 580,000 to 1.9 million as of January 18th. Freezia’s Instagram followers also rose significantly. Her Instagram recorded only 450,000 followers on the 18th of last month, but this figure has increased to reach 3.418.911 on January 18th, only 1 month later. 

Song Ji-ah earning

Freezia received harsh criticisms after being accused of wearing fake products on broadcasts. In response, she admitted to the suspicion of her wearing fake clothes and goods then apologized via her SNS account on January 17th. Freezia said, “There is a controversy related to the clothes I wore on SNS and in Singles’ Inferno. In fact, some parts of this ‘fake goods’ controversy are true. I’m really sorry about that”, adding, “I deleted all content that showed fake products. I would like to apologize to the brands, brand staff, and my subscribers, who have suffered damages because of me.”


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