Yu Xiaoguang felt inferior when fan only asked for Choo Ja Hyun’s autograph?

While Yu Xiaoguang is accused of having an affair, a video showing the difference in popularity between Choo Ja Hyun and him in China in a show is receiving a lot of attention. 

On July 17th, on the online community ‘The Coo’, a post titled ‘Chinese people who wanted only Choo Ja Hyun to sign even if Choo Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang sat together…’ was uploaded. The post captured a trip to China of Choo Ja Hyun and Yu Xiaoguang, in the show SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2-You Are My Destiny,” which aired in August 2017.

In the video posted, the two were eating out at a hotpot in China. Then, an employee approached and asked only Choo Ja Hyun for a photo. Seeing this, Xiaoguang asked the fans who were only interested in Choo Ja Hyun, leaving him as a Chinese, and said: “Why don’t you take a photo with me?”. In response, a local person asked for a photo and put out his cell phone. “That’s enough,” said Yu Xiaoguang, expressing disappointment.


In an interview with the production team, Xiaoguang said, “He only wanted Choo Ja-hyun’s photo at the restaurant. I chose the wrong restaurant”. “I will go alone next time,” he said. “I will be more popular in Korea, too. “I hope all of you will support me”.


After watching the video, netizens are currently re-interpreting the scene, along with controversy over Woo’s affair. They left comments such as, “I think we can understand why the Chinese were very angry with Woo Hyo-kwang’s affair”; “Choo Ja-hyun is the female lead in a drama with the 5th highest ratings in China ever”; “I’m cautiously suspecting that he may have had an affair because of a fervor”; “how can you ask for a photo with a man you’ve never heard of?”.

Source: Nate

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