Song Hye-kyo explained why she chose a melodrama again for her return on the small screen, “I could now feel love and sorrow more deeply”

Song Hye-kyo answered an interview ahead of the first broadcast of her return to the small screen after 3 years with a melodrama.

Fashion magazine “Dazed” released through their winter edition a cover story of Song Hye-kyo’s SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, which will premiere on November 12th.

Song Hye Kyo

Now, We Are Breaking Up” is a drama that tells a story based on the fashion industry, and Song Hye-kyo will play Ha Young-eun, a fashion company’s design team leader. Ha Young-eun is self-disciplined and sensitive to trends but is not easy to be shaken since she’s a professional in all aspects of life, including love and work. Young-eun is a friend of Hwang Chi-sook (Choi Hee-seo), the daughter of the fashion company’s owner. After meeting photographer Yoon Jae-guk (Jang Ki-yong), Young-eun’s heart is shaken by love.

Song Hye Kyo Dazed

During an interview for a pictorial shoot, Song Hye-kyo said, “Being an actress, I’m really familiar with the fashion world. Nevertheless, I was a little surprised when indirectly experiencing what is happening in a company that actually designs clothes. I realized that this industry is truly a fierce and hectic battlefield in which every minute every second is important”. She added, “Maybe our viewers will find it interesting to see what happens inside the world that makes clothes we buy and wear every day.”

Song Hye Kyo dazed

Following her previous series “Encounter”, Song Hye-kyo revealed the reason why she continued to choose a melodrama this time. She shared, “I myself raised expectations that Song Hye-kyo’s romance acting in her 40s to be different from that in her 30s. Some people complained about why I was doing a melodrama again, but I have no regret after finishing a drama like this. No matter what people say, I believe it’s a good thing that I chose ‘Now, We Are Breaking’ at this point of my life.”

Actress Song Hye-kyo, who debuted while in middle school and has already turned 40, said her acting also changed as she became older, emphasizing that it was a positive change. She explained, “Assuming that there are levels of sorrow, from 1 to 5, that I have to express in a scene, I would say my acting in the past was only in level 1. As I have gotten older and gained experience, I consider my emotional acting to reach level 4. I think the sadness and pain that I didn’t feel when I was young has become much vivid over time.”

Meanwhile, Song Hye-kyo’s interview and pictorials can be found in the Winter Edition of “Dazed” and their official SNS channel and website (

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