Son Seok-gu: “In My Liberation Note” group chat, they joked that I’m an international actor in articles about my return to Korea”

Son Seok-gu revealed a story behind the articles about his return to Korea.

Magazine Esquire Korea recently uploaded a video on its official YouTube channel titled “Who does Son Seok-gu think is the winner between Jang Chen vs Kang Hae-sang? SONSUKKU, Mr. Koo, My Liberation Note, The Roundup, Sense 8”.

In the video, Son Seok-gu shared, “‘My Liberation Diary’ has become a drama I love so much that I read almost all the comments. I even thought that I was having so much fun from the start of this drama, but why there was not a lot of response?” he said.

The director then said, ‘Let’s wait and see.’ I felt my heart open to the drama from the moment when Koo crossed the stream and brought the hat for Yeom Mi-jung. So the drama was like a living creature to me,” he added.

son seok gu esquire korea

“In the meantime, when the cast saw an article about me joining the stage greeting of the movie “The Roundup” after finishing my overseas schedule, they teased me in the group chat of “My Liberation Note,” saying, ‘Are you an overseas actor coming to Korea?’ I only saw that article because they sent it to me,” he recalled.

son seok gu esquire korea

In addition, Son Seok-gu said about his confrontation with Jang Chen (Yoon Kye-sang) in the prequel “The Outlaw” of the movie “The Roundup” where he played a villain, “Jang Chen is likely to win.” “Jang Chen has a subordinate and I’ve betrayed too much. Kang Hae-sang didn’t take good care of people. Jang Chen was beaten up by Ma Seok-do as well, but I got hit really hard, so I don’t think I’ll be able to fight in the future because I have a fight trauma,” he confessed.

son seok gu esquire korea

In addition, he shared his hobbies, saying, “I like calligraphy, drawing, and writing these days.”

son seok gu esquire korea

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