Why Son Heung Min suddenly apologized to Jay Park?

“National football player” Son Heung Min apologized to singer Jay Park for his joke in “Psick Univ” content.

On August 21st, Son Heung Min shared a video Jay Park (Park Jae Beom) posted on SNS and added the caption, “I’m sorry, I was just kidding, J Park, you are World Class”, raising fans’ curiosity about his sudden apology.

jay park

Earlier on the 20th, Son Heung Min appeared in a content video uploaded on the Youtube channel “Psick Univ”.

In the video, the MCs mentioned Jay Park pointing out Son Heung Min, Bong Joon Ho, BTS and himself as “Worldclass line” in his lyrics. In response, Son Heung Min said, “I saw it. I’ve heard about it. But it’s not true”. “Psick Univ” members jokingly asked, “So you think Jay Park should be out of that category?”. Son Heung Min responded, “I think that’s reasonable?”, drawing laughter. After saying that, he hurriedly shook his hands, saying “It was just a joke”.

jay park

Later, Jay Park released on his SNS a video of him crying while watching that scene. Son Heung Min reposted Jay Park’s video and apologized. In response, Jay Park shared Son Heung Min’s post on his SNS and commented, “All love. U r a legend”, creating a friendly atmosphere with their funny interaction.

Source: Sports Chosun

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