Lee Jong Suk’s action when sending IU off at his brother’s wedding clearly reveals their relationship

As Lee Jong Suk and IU publicized their romantic relationship, netizens are re-examining a video capturing the two stars together in October.

Immediately after Lee Jong Suk and IU’s romantic relationship broke out on December 31st, a video titled Lee Jong Suk sending IU off” was uploaded on an online community and drew keen attention from netizens.

lee jong suk iu dating

The video shows singer IU following her bodyguards to leave a wedding hall. Actor Lee Jong Suk appeared right behind IU in a black suit to say goodbye before she left. 

lee jong suk

Lee Jong Suk touched IU’s shoulder slightly. IU looked back and waved at him with a bright expression. Lee Jong Suk also smiled and nodded.

The video was actually taken at the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother on October 2nd, and IU attended the wedding to sing a congratulatory song. IU, who showed up in a black skirt and a beige blouse, sang “Meaning Of You” and received loud applause from the guests.

lee jong suk

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk won Daesang at the 2022 MBC Drama Award held on December 30th and thanked a special person in his acceptance speech, saying “I want to say that I’ve liked that person for a very long time and I respect them a lot”. Netizens immediately raised suspicions about Lee Jong Suk mentioning his girlfriend.

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On December 31st, Dispatch reported that IU and Lee Jong Suk recently spent a Christmas date together in Nagoya, Japan. Later on the same day, both agencies confirmed the two’s romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk and IU got to know each other 10 years ago when working as MCs for SBS’s music show “Inkigayo” in 2012. Since then, they have been close friends and recently developed into lovers. 

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Source: wikitree

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